Finally it’s beginning to feel like fall! For the past couple of nights, it’s been chilly so Chris and I made a fire and I snuggled with a cozy blanket drinking some delicious Kahlua and coffee. It was bliss 🙂



I love this corner on my desk: a Bzippy lamp that I bought from Mille, fresh white roses from the farmers market that I arranged in a mason jar and a painting – I call this my dark, moody period – I drew when I was five years old (the frame is bamboo and custom made by my father in law).


As a mom, I have zero time to waste so when it comes to beauty products, they need to be easy and efficient. Below are a few things that I’ve been reaching for lately.

Joëlle Ciocco cleansing milk and toner (pricey but super worth it. If only I took skincare seriously back in my twenties…), Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair serum (I use this both day and night under my moisturizer), La Roche Posay moisturizer (it’s super light but does the job well), “Untitled” perfume by Maison Martin Margiela (starts off smelling like cigarette water and then blooms into the most unique and lasting fragrance), Guerlain terracotta bronzer (just the right amount of sparkle and color) and RMS Beauty concealer (this has coconut oil in it so it’s incredibly moisturizing and not cakey or dry at all).

And side note, how stunning are these Charlotte Olympia sandals I got? She is such a talented shoe designer. I love these because they are a low-heel but when peeking out from beneath a pair of flared trousers they sparkle and shine and give the illusion you’re in high heels.

photo 2

Wow, time truly flies when you’re a parent. I cannot believe Ben is almost one year old! Although there were some tougher stretches that seemed to last forrrrreverrrr (4 month sleep regression, I’m talking to YOU!), it’s amazing how quickly 2014 is passing by. I feel old 🙂

Life lately has been wonderful and chaotic all at the same time. I always feel like I’m in GO mode. Long gone are those days when I use to sprawl myself across the couch, flipping through TV and sipping my coffee ever so slowly. I found an old appointment book of mine from the days before we had Ben and I cracked up looking at my old schedule: 11:30am pilates, 2:30pm massage, 5:45pm coffee meeting with client… Now my days read more like this: 6:30am spring out of bed, 8am prep breakfast for Ben and feed him and wash dishes at the same time, 9:30am try my best to answer work emails, 10am hope he’s still napping so I can take a two minute shower, noon get lunch into baby and then hurry to the park for a play date and then get back in time for another nap…LOL! But I would not have my life any other way. I feel so fulfilled being a parent and so blessed and honored to be a mother.

Now that Ben is 10.5 months and eating more solids, cooking for my little man has been more fun! Here are a few dishes I served today.

photo 1

Breakfast: organic pasture raised egg yolk cooked with ghee, steamed beets from the farmers market and a side of fresh organic raspberries

photo 2

Lunch: Beet/purple carrot “granita”, side of sauerkraut and a coconut veggie cream soup topped off with some organic grass fed chicken liver.

I’m trying my best to feed Ben the most nourishing foods that I can find from the farmers markets and I feel so lucky to live close to three different markets. Because of Ben’s eczema, I have to be really careful what I feed him. Dairy and sugar are two huge triggers so I’m steering clear of any dairy at the moment (his formula is a goats milk formula, which I purchase from Switzerland) and sugar (I keep fruits to a minimum and only give him lower sugar fruits like berries, apples and pears). Our pediatrician raised his eyebrows when I told him I am steering clear of dairy but I know that you can get more calcium from dark leafy greens than from a block of cheese. I make sure Ben’s diet is incredibly varied with tons of healthy protein, fats and veggies. Just following my intuition here as a mommy and doing what works for now.

B has eczema and every day feels like a battle of the rash on his face. When it’s warm out, he’ll flare up bad. We recently had A/C installed to keep his room cool and it has helped but he still has splotchy red spots on his cheeks, poor thing. I’m curious what you mamas have done to help tame eczema on your kids.

This is what I’ve been doing:

– Keeping his face clean and dry, which is really tough now because he is drooling puddles 24/7. The saliva really irritates his skin and makes the eczema even worse.
– I’m a big fan of the Mustela stelatopia line. We use their soap for his body and hair, cream cleanser for the face, and balm to moisturize.
– I’m trying out Vanicream post-bath to lock in moisture.
– Curel Anti-Itch is in my rotation when I catch him scratching at his face or neck.
– Run a humidifier in his room overnight so it’s not too dry. If you do this, be sure to keep the windows and door open during the day so the room airs out. You don’t want the moisture to grow mold and bacteria, especially if you have rugs or carpet. When he’s up from his nap, I keep his windows and door wide open and turn on the ceiling fan. Oh, and be sure to always clean the humidifier! I use the Smile Rabbit Humidifier, which works really well and is easy to clean. I like that you use a bottle of water – I just use a Fiji water bottle filled with filtered h2o. You can purchase it here.
– Tell myself that hopefully one day he’ll grow out of it and if not, so be it.



So my last post was basically a woe-is-me rant about how hard motherhood has been for me. I call that brutal honesty. Now let’s focus on all the awesomeness that having a baby has brought. Because it really is amazing. Here are just a few things that light up my life daily:

  • Watching Ben on the baby monitor when he wakes up. He stares straight into the baby monitor, smiles, and chews on his hands. ADORABLE!
  • Bathtime. This is seriously one of the highlights of my day. He is so freakin’ cute in the bathtub because he’s got chubby rolls all over and is starting to kick and splash the water and giggle like crazy. Oh, I just love this time with him.
  • His giggles. My heart just melts into one puddle when he laughs. I want to bottle up his laughs and bring them with me wherever I go because it honestly zaps away any stress I have.
  • Waking up and going into his room to get him. (Yep, Ben sleeps in his crib in his own room and has been since week 3. More on that later.) 99% of the time he greets us with the biggest smile and laugh. It’s so damn cute. Chris and I fight over who runs into his room first.
  • Having his little hands reach up and touch my face and grab my hair. Pure innocence. So precious.
  • My list can go on and on. So was the adjustment to motherhood really tough? YES. Is it all worth it? HELL FREAKIN’ YEAH.
  • photo 4