Monthly Archives: November 2015

It’s been almost a full year since I last posted on here. SO MUCH has happened and I fell off the blogging wagon. I’ll go into more details later but let’s just say I dealt with a great deal of anxiety and panic attacks in 2015 and I pretty much lost my way. Being a mother proved to be difficult and challenging for me, way more than it seemed for other moms who looked like they were dancing their way through motherhood. I think I must have aged, like, 20 years! Grey hair, wrinkles, poor digestion, migraines up the hoo-ha…you name it and I developed it all this past year. But on the flip side despite being paranoid, anxious, fearful and just plain batshit CRAZY, I somehow raised a bright, energetic, talkative, happy little boy. I don’t know how and why, but he is the complete opposite of me THANK GOD 🙂

Speaking of the little fella, he turned two a few days ago and I wanted to share a few pics. His first bday party was a complete zoo. We casually invited people last year but no one RSVPd and we figured no one would come since it was a holiday week. Well, 45 people wound up showing up and we ran out of food, drink and space. Never again. I’m so not down with the stress of entertaining a bunch of people especially when it’s not expected.

But this year, we kept it super mellow with the grandparents and a few neighbors on our street. A couple of tasty sweet treats (picked up from the farmers market that morning) + apple juice satisfied everyone’s bellies. We held the little gathering in our backyard in the afternoon, threw some cotton dhurrie rugs on the ground with colorful cushions, filled up a couple of balloons for Ben, put on some funk music and called it a day. It was GREAT!

WeFullSizeRenderWe said no gifts but our dear neighbors still brought Ben presents. I always believe in sending thank you notes as soon as possible so I got a little creative (and frugal, ok!) with our thank yous. Ben’s scribbled paper adds a personal touch to these “cards” 🙂 We dropped them off in the mailboxes during our evening doggie walk.

IMG_1691Who doesn’t love some balloons?? Ben was SO happy with his bunch, he even said “ohhhh, thank you mommy!!”

IMG_1625When Ben woke up on his birthday, Chris and I ran in singing happy birthday and presented him with his gift box. A simple basket from Ikea which I’m now using as a diaper basket in the bedroom (thanks, Ben!), a stuffed dog that looks just like one of our dogs, and a $2.99 firetruck from TJ Maxx that he is obsessed with. IMG_1765We also spent a portion of his birthday chilling at the beach in perfect 68 degree weather at the end of November. Los Angeles, folks! That’s why we live here.