A moment of quiet

Ben usually takes two naps a day and if you’re a mother, you know that naps are oh-so-important. It is during this time that I can: shower, answer emails, clean the house, finish pending work projects for impatient clients, prep dinner, eat, brush my teeth, spend some quality time with the dogs, OR just lay on my bed and stare up at the ceiling (which now feels so glorious!) Notice I wrote or because there is just no way I can squeeze all of that in the time he naps 🙂

But today during his second nap I chose to do none of that. I just sat on the couch and gazed at this pretty vignette on my fireplace mantle. I found this pitcher on Etsy and it got shipped all the way from a sweet gal in Italy. Isn’t it pretty? I usually put my flower arrangements in old mason jars but I’ve been itching for something a little different and this hits the spot. My tealight candle burner is an oldie but goodie and today I diffused this oil to clear the house of any germs.



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