Baby Eczema

B has eczema and every day feels like a battle of the rash on his face. When it’s warm out, he’ll flare up bad. We recently had A/C installed to keep his room cool and it has helped but he still has splotchy red spots on his cheeks, poor thing. I’m curious what you mamas have done to help tame eczema on your kids.

This is what I’ve been doing:

– Keeping his face clean and dry, which is really tough now because he is drooling puddles 24/7. The saliva really irritates his skin and makes the eczema even worse.
– I’m a big fan of the Mustela stelatopia line. We use their soap for his body and hair, cream cleanser for the face, and balm to moisturize.
– I’m trying out Vanicream post-bath to lock in moisture.
– Curel Anti-Itch is in my rotation when I catch him scratching at his face or neck.
– Run a humidifier in his room overnight so it’s not too dry. If you do this, be sure to keep the windows and door open during the day so the room airs out. You don’t want the moisture to grow mold and bacteria, especially if you have rugs or carpet. When he’s up from his nap, I keep his windows and door wide open and turn on the ceiling fan. Oh, and be sure to always clean the humidifier! I use the Smile Rabbit Humidifier, which works really well and is easy to clean. I like that you use a bottle of water – I just use a Fiji water bottle filled with filtered h2o. You can purchase it here.
– Tell myself that hopefully one day he’ll grow out of it and if not, so be it.




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