Baby Awesomeness

So my last post was basically a woe-is-me rant about how hard motherhood has been for me. I call that brutal honesty. Now let’s focus on all the awesomeness that having a baby has brought. Because it really is amazing. Here are just a few things that light up my life daily:

  • Watching Ben on the baby monitor when he wakes up. He stares straight into the baby monitor, smiles, and chews on his hands. ADORABLE!
  • Bathtime. This is seriously one of the highlights of my day. He is so freakin’ cute in the bathtub because he’s got chubby rolls all over and is starting to kick and splash the water and giggle like crazy. Oh, I just love this time with him.
  • His giggles. My heart just melts into one puddle when he laughs. I want to bottle up his laughs and bring them with me wherever I go because it honestly zaps away any stress I have.
  • Waking up and going into his room to get him. (Yep, Ben sleeps in his crib in his own room and has been since week 3. More on that later.) 99% of the time he greets us with the biggest smile and laugh. It’s so damn cute. Chris and I fight over who runs into his room first.
  • Having his little hands reach up and touch my face and grab my hair. Pure innocence. So precious.
  • My list can go on and on. So was the adjustment to motherhood really tough? YES. Is it all worth it? HELL FREAKIN’ YEAH.
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