What’s old is new (to me)

Every now and then I like to indulge and treat myself. I’ve been addicted to Vaunte and picked up this gently used Mayle top with a pretty lilac print (I was late to the Mayle craze and am sad this indie label is no longer around). I rarely ever wear color so this will be a nice change of pace from all the black and grey in my closet.

I recently splurged on this Chanel camera bag from My Personal Shoppers. It’s also used with just a minor rub on the corner but the price was too good to pass up. I did have the bag authenticated and had a great shopping experience with this consignment website. I’ve wanted a Chanel bag for ages but always felt the classic flap with the gold hardware and bold logo was too loud and ladylike for me. I like more subtle items that aren’t glaring with logos or a distinct look. I love the shape and size of this camera re-issue bag (it’s a size small if you’re curious) and the metallic silver is just different enough from all my black handbags. This is also a discontinued style so I highly encourage you to purchase one if you come across it for a really good deal.



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