Monthly Archives: October 2013

I heart stationery, especially well-designed pieces on quality paper. I’ve been a fan of Tiny Pine Press for ages so it was a no brainer to get our thank you cards from her. I love the simplicity of these letterpress cards with a straightforward “gratitude” written across the top in the prettiest calligraphy.




I guess you could say it’s the “nesting” instinct taking over but lately I’ve been in the mood to shop for all things home and garden. A good example is last week I randomly threw out all our plastic tupperware, bought a massive order of mason jars from Amazon, and then transferred everything that was in plastic into the jars. I had fun; my husband thought I was nuts 🙂 But he knew better than to argue with me.

Ever since watching this video on LA In Bloom, my new favorite blog and webisode series (quick, someone get Heather Taylor her own cooking and entertaining show!) I’ve been on the hunt for a handmade ceramic citrus juicer like the one she uses. After searching high and low I found one on Kneeland Co. Mercado, this wonderful website of thoughtful globally sourced products. I received it yesterday and adore it! It just makes me smile for some reason…I can’t wait to use it.


After I was first diagnosed with GD, I kept my meals super simple with things like roasted chicken, egg whites, ground turkey, cheese and some steamed vegetables. Healthy, yes, but incredibly bland and boring. It didn’t matter though because my levels were insanely good when eating this way. In fact, they were so good they were under target and so my nutritionist recommended I introduce some carbs into my diet to put my numbers within target range.

Lately I’ve been experimenting with cooking fancier meals from Ottolenghi’s cookbook. I just substitute what I can’t have with what I can. Last night, I whipped up his recipe for caramelized fennel (oh my was it delicious!), grilled shrimp heavily seasoned with salt and pepper and a side salad of fresh tomatoes, avocado and tuna salad from Farm Shop in Brentwood. I seriously thought with the butter, oil and sugar used to caramelize the fennel my level would skyrocket but my one hour post dinner reading was an awesome 103 (you’re supposed to be 100-130 an hour after your meals). I should also add that I walk 10-15 minutes after dinner every single night so I’m sure this helped.


Ever since being diagnosed with gestational diabetes I’ve had to really watch my carb intake. Each woman is different in how her body breaks down carbs and sugar but unfortunately, my body can’t seem to handle much starch or grains without a bonkers glucose reading. What I really miss are the simple things like a slice of toast with butter and jelly or the occasional bowl of granola. Ah, granola. I’ve been craving granola for awhile now so decided to take matters into my own hands and make it from scratch instead of buying it at the store, which can be loaded with too much sugar.

I was so thrilled when I discovered Gwyneth Paltrow’s recipe for quinoa granola but I must have screwed up somehow because it turned out horrible. After a few minutes my granola was burning in the suggested 400F degree oven heat. Not sure what went wrong but I threw the entire batch out. At the same time, my Ottolenghi Cookbook had arrived in the mail and (yay!) there was a recipe for granola in the back. I’ve heard Ottolenghi’s granola is divine and I was so eager to try it but there are oats. So why not combine the best of both worlds? Make Ottolenghi’s granola with quinoa flakes instead of oats 🙂

If you don’t have his cookbook, you can find the recipe for the granola here. Sorry, you’ll have to have a conversion chart handy if you’re in the states but it’s worth it. For my own version, I used whatever nuts I had in the pantry and added sunflower and flax seeds. I also omitted all the dried fruit because that’s banned from my GD diet. But it’s still so delicious and I store my granola in cute little mason jars 🙂 I hope you enjoy it!


I’ll have it with fresh berries every now and then in a bowl of yummy almond milk 🙂 Delicious! I can’t have too much since quinoa is still a carb but it’s better for my body than having the oat kind.


Every now and then I like to indulge and treat myself. I’ve been addicted to Vaunte and picked up this gently used Mayle top with a pretty lilac print (I was late to the Mayle craze and am sad this indie label is no longer around). I rarely ever wear color so this will be a nice change of pace from all the black and grey in my closet.

I recently splurged on this Chanel camera bag from My Personal Shoppers. It’s also used with just a minor rub on the corner but the price was too good to pass up. I did have the bag authenticated and had a great shopping experience with this consignment website. I’ve wanted a Chanel bag for ages but always felt the classic flap with the gold hardware and bold logo was too loud and ladylike for me. I like more subtle items that aren’t glaring with logos or a distinct look. I love the shape and size of this camera re-issue bag (it’s a size small if you’re curious) and the metallic silver is just different enough from all my black handbags. This is also a discontinued style so I highly encourage you to purchase one if you come across it for a really good deal.