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Have you read the most awesome beauty blog, Into The Gloss by Emily Weiss? It is truly amazing. She interviews some of the world’s most beautiful women and there is a section called TOP SHELF, where the women divulge what beauty products they use. Mine is not half as interesting but I figured this would be fun to do:

Skincare regime: I don’t have one. I am really bad about sleeping with my makeup on and thank god I have asian genes because after all these years of falling asleep without washing my face and I’ve never had acne or skin issues. However, when I do decide to take care of my face, I wash it with the Erno Lazslo mud soap bar. Sometimes when I have extra time to fool around in the bathroom, I’ll use this Pacific Amore enzyme scrub to “polish” my face and my skin feels so smooth and radiant afterwards. Lately, I’m really into Embryolisse cream, which I bought from and I pat that on my face and leave to dry. I learned from a facialist never to RUB the moisturizer on your face because in her words, “you’re just pushing the cream around…you’re not letting it absorb”. I also have this rose water that I use as a toner every now and then and it is 100% rose water. It smells fantastic and feels great but it’s so freaking expensive I use it about once a month ha ha. I’m addicted to my Christophe Robin shampoo from France, which is called a “cleansing creme” on the jar. Unlike regular shampoo, you rub this creme onto the roots before showering, leave it on for 5 – 20 minutes, then lather with water. You don’t need conditioner and a little bit goes a long way and WAM, my hair feels so light and bouncy and glossy. My husband always mentions how good my hair looks when I use it. I also swear by Moroccan Oil to moisturize my hair after I wash it because my hair is known for getting its fair share of tangles. To comb it out, I use the Cricket comb. Last but not least is my secret weapon: a small bottle of Thieves Essential Oil, which I use for everything. Got a pimple? Use Thieves and it’s gone in a hour. Got a sore throat? Rub some Thieves along your gumline and sore throat be gone. Got a rash or a bug bite? Hello, Thieves!

I used to wear a ton of makeup but that was back in my early twenties and as I approach my 30s I am loving the fresh, clean and natural look. I normally don’t wear makeup but when I do, it’s basic and simple. BESIDES, LESS IS MORE. I alway start off with a primer I got from YSL…the name has completely rubbed off the packaging but it leaves my skin silky soft and ready for makeup. Koh Gen Do is a really awesome line I discovered at Barneys. I always use their makeup base to even out my skintone, and then I either use the Koh Gen Do foundation (mixed with moisturizer to keep it light) or the YSL Touche Eclat dotted around my face. For concealer, I alternate between Dior (which is great because it is soooo creamy and moisturizing) or the one by Koh Gen Do because it seriously banishes any evidence of bad sleep. For all you asians who have dark brown/black hair…you have to try the Shiseido Brow Pencil in Natural Black. First of all, it’s not a true black but more of a dark grey that blends SO WELL with our brows. And it has wonderful staying power. I also swear by the Bobbi Brown gel liner in black for making the eyes POP. And if I really want extra POP, I add a coat or two of Fresh mascara. Not pictured is a blush by Kevin Aucoin I’ve been using lately and it gives my cheeks just enough color to make me look like the sun kissed me.

And that’s it, my folks. Sure sounds like a lot but in reality, it’s not. Off to wash my face now…I’d be a fool if I didn’t after writing this!

    • melissa said:

      Ha! You are too sweet 🙂 Thanks!

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