Octavio Ocampo

I am obsessed with the artist, Octavio Ocampo. Check out his beautiful metamorphic work.

  1. jeff said:

    Hi, I love the art of Octavio Campo too! Any idea where one could purchase large format prints of his work? Say 4 feet minimum?

  2. jeff said:

    Oops, I meant Ocampo… As interesting as Dali!

  3. Deborah Guerrero said:

    i could spend years looking at each remarkable
    Spiritual piece of your work. it’s like looking at God. I’m struck by the incredible mastery of your heart and soul in every single shape, curve,
    line, and dot, not to mention the color!
    I’m amazed by your brilliance and grace.
    Thank you is not enough to say to express gratitude for your contribution to the world.

    Many blessings to you and yours always,

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