DIY wedding bouquet

For all you ladies who are going the DIY route for your wedding or elopement, I urge you to try making your own wedding bouquet. There is something charming and pretty about a bouquet that’s not overly done by the florist. I was inspired by a wedding in the French countryside where the bride picked a few poppies near the church and tied the stems together with a piece of lace fabric given to her by her mother. It was incredibly sweet and let’s not forget, inexpensive!

The morning of our elopement I went to Whole Foods for coffee and flowers. They didn’t have a large selection of blooms but these brightly hued dahlias stood out to me. I liked that their stems were clean as I planned on wrapping the flowers with a piece of lace from an old Gryphon jacket I had (I’m resourceful ha ha!) Using a step-by-step tutorial from Flower Girl NYC, I cut the stems a little shorter and tied them tightly together with the lace. I wanted it to look casual and non-fussy.

Here is what they looked like on our special day. I am so glad I made this little bouquet…even if it was for an elopement. Jill Thomas, our photographer, captured this beautifully in the 3pm warm sunlight that we were so blessed with that day.

  1. Weddings are never complete without a colorful set of wedding flowers to complete the romantic atmosphere. I love what you did with the floral arrangements. Well done!

    • melissa said:

      Thank you! xx

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