There are many reasons why I love this time of year: the holidays, sleeping in when it’s cold and I’m buried beneath layers and layers of blankets, making a fire at home, jumping into the hot tub when it’s freeeeezing at night and Sunday football. I LOVE football season. It’s a tradition at our house now to spend Sundays on the couch in our robes with laptops and dogs by our side while we watch the games and share a cup of coffee and yummy snacks. In other words, it’s a great excuse to be lazy 🙂

Thought I’d whip up a good breakfast this morning. Eggs + cream + spinach + sausage + cheese + leftover avocado sauce from a Mexican meal we had a couple nights ago. Cook on the stovetop as you would any omelette, but finish it off in the oven set at 425 degrees. I used convection bake for a quicker blast of heat and left it in there for about 4 minutes.

…and this thing 🙂 We spend Sundays snuggling on the couch together.


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