Monthly Archives: September 2011

Happy hump day! I kicked off the morning with kale / cucumber / ginger / lemon juice and am feeling sooooo good. I can’t believe I ever ditched juicing; I forget how good it is for you! I clocked in about 9 hours of sleep last night (shocker) after listening to this meditation CD that was recommended by my yoga teacher. All I remember is laying in bed listening to the CD and then it was 7:30am. No asthma attack in the middle of the night either yay!


How cute is this baby Le Creuset skillet? Apparently this style is discontinued but we scored a new though somewhat scuffed one from eBay. It measures 6 inches diameter and is so adorable. I made a fluffy omelette (farmers market eggs, fresh tomatoes from our garden, dried basil, parmesan cheese) in it today.