Faux Flowers

Whoa. I didn’t blog at all yesterday – nuts! I was so slammed with work and projects, I stayed up until 1am working away and hopped out of bed this morning at 6:30am to get back on my computer. Not complaining, though. I LOVE being busy!

So I’ve been totally slacking on my floral arrangements. I went through a phase where I bought fresh flowers everyday and was running out of vases to store them in. Needless to say, the house has been pretty lacking in the bright flower department…until now. I’ve discovered a store close to my house called Maison Bertet and it’s a super swanky, upscale, modern outdoor furniture and accessories boutique (trust me, I can’t afford much here!) But a couple days ago, I wandered in during an errand day and found these bright and colorful paper flowers that were smiling at me and saying, “Take me home! You don’t have to water me or change out my vase…I stay good forever!” I normally don’t like anything except fresh flowers but these were so kitschy cute and modern, I bought three and they now proudly sit around the home. The colors add just enough pop to our near-white house to give it a fun and playful edge.


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