Melissa Joy Manning Rings

He proposed with a placeholder ring (a darling little gem from Anthropologie he bought for me a few weeks back) and is letting me pick out my ring. After asking around and trying to get his mom to talk jewelry with me, no one seemed to be able to nail down my style. And he didn’t want to pick out something I’d only half like and have to deal with returns/exchanges so he figured it would be easier to just let me choose. I know this sounds so superficial and while I would have greatly loved anything he got me, it’s just a wee bit better being able to pick out what I want.

So are you ready? I’m thinking of doing something completely non-traditional. Diamond rings are the norm and I tried those on at the store but somehow it didn’t sit quite right with me. I love unique items that have character and meaning and are just different from the rest…which led me to colored stone rings. These Melissa Joy Manning beauties below are stunning to say the least. You can view more of her collection here.

  1. Jacqui said:

    Love this idea! Have fun shopping.

  2. melissa said:

    Thanks, Jacqui!

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