Air Plants = Awesome

So this whole time I have been going to Home Depot every weekend and I never noticed the tillandsia section. DUH! How could I, the most low maintenance garden lazy gal, forget about the awesome air plants that grow without soil? Thank goodness I happened to find the tiny tillandsia corner at our local Home Depot. They were expensive (average about $9 a pop), but they are so beautiful and architectural. How do you care for them? Great question. You submerge them in water overnight and then every other week. They like filtered sunlight but don’t give them a suntan by sitting them on your windowsill. I keep mine on a bookshelf in the office. Here they are, in my brand new Petite Pinched vases from Anthropologie (aren’t they neat?) tucked into a little bed of living moss. I love the green against the white of my IKEA bookshelf 🙂


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