Yoga Girl…Hardly

I’ll never forget when I went shopping at Lululemon a long time ago and upon checkout, the shopgirl very sweetly asked, “What type of yoga do you do?” to which I replied, “Um…relaxing breathy yoga?” Her smile went from sweet to skeptical as she handed over my shopping bag and waved bye-bye probably thinking “that girl has no idea what yoga is.” She was right.

Fast forward twelve years and I’ve just started dabbling in yoga. I began back in February after I came back from Kauai feeling free-spirited, uber-healthy and completely motivated to love my mind and body a wee bit more (that’s what all that fresh ocean air and love-life-live-life surfer mentality will do to ya). Below are my two favorite yoga DVDs, which I alternate between several times a week:

Kia Miller’s Radiant Core Energy: I first learned about Kia when I was a subscriber. She looked so beautiful and was literally glowing in her videos. I wanted that glow! So of course I thought if I can practice yoga from Kia Miller, maybe I’ll get that glow. This is a DVD I’ll turn to usually on the weekends or after a long day of work. Her voice is gentle and soothing but some of those poses – Breath of Fire, weeeee! – are tough! I do recommend it for when you’re feeling super frustrated or stressed out…I’m now a true believer that deep, calm breaths will really help get you back on track with everything.

Bryan Kest’s Power Yoga: If you can get past the cutoff jean shorts he wears in Level One and the fact it was shot in the early 90’s (hello, dated material), you’re going to love this. Bryan is a true leader when it comes to Power Yoga and focuses on “staying out of your ego” and doing the best you can, all the while BREATHING DEEPLY. I’m only on Level One and plan to be until I can perfect twisting like a bendy pretzel with my arms contorted around my body but that’s OK. I’m listening to Bryan’s advice and being patient and non-judgmental. For some reason, this yoga DVD always clears my sinuses…maybe it’s all those inverted poses?

  1. Hi Mel! So happy you’re back blogging! I started yoga hard core in FEB too! I’m doing it now about 4-5 times a week! Thanks for the DVD suggestions too! Aloha:)

    • melissa said:

      Weeee! You definitely have to give me some yoga recommendations!

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