My London Soles + Ebay Shopping

Yeah! My new pair of London Sole “Henrietta” ballet flats in black quilted leather. Purchased on eBay brand new in box and only 1/3 of what they sell for retail. I heart eBay!

For those of you who are a little scared to buy clothing or accessories on eBay, don’t be. I’ve been buying new clothes and shoes and handbags on there for almost ten years now and in that entire time, I’ve only had one issue (and I should have known since the seller did not have very good feedback.) My best advice is to ALWAYS read the seller feedback. First, never settle for anything less than 99% feedback and secondly, read all their reviews. Sometimes, a “seller” can have 100% feedback but all that feedback was for them as a buyer, not a seller. Read the policies carefully and always ask questions before you bid. Last, check out the other items they have in their eBay store. It’s a good gauge on whether the item you’re bidding on is authentic…a seller who lists a Cartier Love Bracelet in a store alongside a crocodile Hermes bag and Tiffany’s Etoile ring is far more likely to be authentic than someone who claims to be selling a real Cartier Love Bracelet in a store that sells flashlights and GAP shirts. Good luck! You’ll end up saving a ton of money and it’s so much fun to expect a package. I never pay full retail anymore.


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