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Yeah! My new pair of London Sole “Henrietta” ballet flats in black quilted leather. Purchased on eBay brand new in box and only 1/3 of what they sell for retail. I heart eBay!

For those of you who are a little scared to buy clothing or accessories on eBay, don’t be. I’ve been buying new clothes and shoes and handbags on there for almost ten years now and in that entire time, I’ve only had one issue (and I should have known since the seller did not have very good feedback.) My best advice is to ALWAYS read the seller feedback. First, never settle for anything less than 99% feedback and secondly, read all their reviews. Sometimes, a “seller” can have 100% feedback but all that feedback was for them as a buyer, not a seller. Read the policies carefully and always ask questions before you bid. Last, check out the other items they have in their eBay store. It’s a good gauge on whether the item you’re bidding on is authentic…a seller who lists a Cartier Love Bracelet in a store alongside a crocodile Hermes bag and Tiffany’s Etoile ring is far more likely to be authentic than someone who claims to be selling a real Cartier Love Bracelet in a store that sells flashlights and GAP shirts. Good luck! You’ll end up saving a ton of money and it’s so much fun to expect a package. I never pay full retail anymore.


So one of the things (maybe the only thing) I love about Facebook is that it allows you to reach out to practically anyone and see if they respond. It’s like a giant directory of contacts and you don’t even have to know their email address or phone number. Pretty powerful stuff if you ask me. If y’all remember seasons 5 and 6 of Top Chef, you’ll remember the funny and honest Toby Young representin’ the British. I thought “what the heck” when I Facebooked him to see if he’d partake in my Q+A and to my astonishment, he did! One more reason to love Toby Young! Check it out below:

How did you become a judge on Top Chef?
Not sure. I’ve been reviewing restaurants in London for almost eight years so that may have had something to do with it. I’ve never thought to ask in case the producers think, “Yes, why did we hire you?”

Was it in the works for a couple seasons before you finally appeared on the show?
Nope. They called me up out of the blue and parachuted me in almost immediately.

What are some of your favorite restaurants to dine at (they could be anywhere) and what dishes do you typically order at those restaurants?
My favourite restaurant in London is Le Gavroche. You can read my review here:;

When you’re always feasting on indulgent food during the Top Chef seasons, how do you balance all of that richness?
Copious quantities of wine.

Do you exercise to stay in shape and try to eat more salads and fruits?
I have four kids under seven and they keep me on my feet all day. That’s about all the exercise I need.

What’s a typical day’s worth of food for you (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks)
I usually start with a bowl of Dorset Cereal, then, for lunch, I’ll have some Heinz Tomato Soup with some toast and grated cheese, then, for supper, if I’m not going out, usually a steak or a stir fry. Nothing too fancy because I almost always have to cook it myself.

Do you cook much at home? If so, what are some of your favorite cookbooks and recipes?
See above. I don’t generally use cook books. No time!

What was the best and worst part about being a Top Chef judge?
The best part is tasting all that great food. The worst part is having to send people home.

What is something that would shock the world about you?
I actually won a food reality show myself. It was called Come Dine With Me and I was a cheftestant in 2004. So I don’t just talk the talk — I walk the walk.

I have been so blessed to work with an amazing non-profit hospital in Los Angeles. This past week at their office, I found out they were using USB sticks shaped like doctor figurines! They looked like lego men wearing cute doctor outfits and when you plugged it into your computer, you were in for a good and hearty laugh.

It’s been quite awhile since my last post and I’m almost embarrassed. Thank goodness I have some amazing guest Q+As sitting in my queue. Check out my fun interview with the incredibly fabulous Taryn Cox of Taryn Cox the Wife. I first learned of Taryn while reading about her in Elle Magazine and she was so gracious to answer some of my questions. I’m a huge fan of her style and because of her, I bought myself a pair of Sperry Topsider boat shoes – so cute – which I wear all the time now. Enjoy!

Describe a typical day’s worth of eats (breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks)

After my morning run I come in for the classic toast and tea. I’ve become obsessed with fig jam and Mighty Tea Leaf’s Tropical Green Tea. Its such a wining combination and has turned into a comfort I look forward to every morning.

For Lunch I try to stay very healthy by sticking to veggies…. I’ve been hooked on Tender Greens “Happy Vegan Salad” and Joan’s on Third’s ‘Brussel Sprout Salad’ or any of their pureed soups. Another quick and easy fix for lunch is the sushi (I ask for it to be made with brown rice instead) from Whole Foods Market .

For pick me up Snacks, I loved individual pre packed cashews, Bellweather Farm’s strawberry yogurt, Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups or a Casadian Farms chocolate chip granola bars.

For a quick caffeine jilt around the 3pm energy slump I love Inko’s white apricot tea’s (So tasty and only 40 Calories!) or an organic cafe au lait from Le Pain Quotidian or a delicious Spanish Latte from Urth Cafe.

Dinner tends to be out with friends.

How do you stay in shape?

I start every morning off with a run through my neighborhood park. Its the best way to get energy, connect with nature and get your day going. I also go to Bar Method twice a week and in addition alternate between ballet class, games of tennis, hiking and swimming laps depending on the weather and season.

Who are some of your favorite fashion designers?

I just adore John Galliano for Christian Dior Haute Couture, He creates stunning pieces that resemble the most beautiful vintage designs mixed with a modern influence, its a perfect concoction of couture. Oscar de la Renta is Traditional Designer who always produces amazing gowns for sophisticated ladies and elegant evenings out. And of course Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel is instant classic and favorite. I also love Philip Lim for everyday, I cannot walk into his store without finding and buying a new favorite sweater or dress. His Clothes are well made with very reasonable price tags.

Describe your fashion style and a typical outfit

Refined, high end and old school charm. I try to stay consistent by dressing classic pieces with a European influence and elegance. Even in the Winter months I’m always in a dress with tights or cashmere socks and boots paired with a cashmere cardigan, my Burberry trench or Fur vest.

What’s on your current wish list?

Cartier Tank Rose Gold and Brown Leather Watch

Hermes Constance Elan Bag

An iPod Touch

Tickets to The LAPhil to see Dudamel conduct Tchaikovsky

1940’s Vintage Perfume Bottles

First Edition: The Art of French Cooking Cookbook and Mrs. Beeton’s  Housekeeping Handbook

Thomas Keller’s Bouchon Cookbook

Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day Novel

American Wife Novel

Kai Perfume

Diptyque Figueroa Scented Candles

An assortment of Doughnuts Delivered from Sublime Doughnuts in Atlanta (I hear they are the best!)

Favorite restaurant: Terroni for their scrumptious pizza margarita.

Favorite hair salon: Patrick at Salon 9022

Favorite workout spot: Bar Method West Hollywood. I love classes with Jessie, She’s Hysterical

Favorite thing to do on a weekend: Hiking in Pacific Palisades, Brunch at Tavern in Brentwood, Movies at The Arclight Cinemas and Concerts at The Hollywood Bowl. I also love weekend getaways to Newport to spend time with my family, we always go for walks in the Harbor at Sunset or My mom and I sew dresses and go for Sunday dinner at True Foods in Fashion Island.