Monthly Archives: January 2011

Thanks to Jennifer McGarigle at Floral Art LA, I’ve become absolutely hooked on creating floral arrangements for the house. I just can’t help it. Here are a couple more floral arrangements I have done in the past week.

These are some beautiful roses and carnations (I think!) artfully placed in amber domain vases from Floral Art LA, surrounded by clusters of tealights and two cylindrical hurricanes with floating candles.

Another angle

My hawaiian themed arrangement. One giant pillar candle housed in a wide glass cylinder vase, surrounded by individual carnation flowers in pink.

One of my best 2010 moments: learning that blossoms can be submerged in water, such as these lemon yellow cymbidium orchids.

Another cymbidium orchid submerged in a glass cylindrical vase, beneath a floating candle. This is such a pretty look for a party or dinner.