Low Budget, Dog Friendly Holiday Decor

I LOVE Christmas. What do I love about it? Let me count thy reasons: hot chocolate, sweater weather, Christmas music, pine smells, presents, holiday cheer….the list goes ON and ON and ON. Chris is not a xmas tree person. I am. And for the first time in the four years we’ve been together, he has proposed to get a xmas tree this year. One problem. KIHEI, our 11-month old puppy who has already shredded our couch, three pairs of shoes (Chris), two pairs of sandals (me), two sweaters (me), the coffee table, baseboards, carpet, you get the picture. I know for a fact if we got a tree she would have her way with it and it would be pine needles and ornaments across the floor. NO THANKS.

So instead of decorating a tree, I decided to decorate our house modern style. We already had this arrangement of branches sitting in the corner so I dressed it up with some simple white Christmas lights. And I got inspired after a shopping a trip at Crate & Barrel, where they stuck Christmas lights inside glass bowls for a very groovy holiday look. It’s beautiful at night when we turn off the other lights and a soft glow is omitted throughout the house.

What can I say, it’s cheap, easy and dog-proof.


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