Fresh Flowers Make Me SO Happy

I can’t get over how obsessed I am now with decorating the home with fresh flowers. I found some beautiful vases from, ahem, TJ Maxx Homegoods because everything there is a major DEAL and I’m all about the deals. Why pay full price when you can score pretty much the same thing for up to 75% off?! But I love the treasure hunting in the discount stores. I have found so many great things between TJ Maxx, Loehmann’s, Ross, Marshalls, Tuesday Morning, Nordstrom Rack that I’m pretty much addicted.

Whole Foods is having a great sale on flowers like their fresh roses and tulips. I found these beautiful white roses and mixed them with apple green pom-pom flowers. A dozen roses was only $9.99 (compared to their normal $14.99) and the pom-poms were $2.99. SCORE! I arranged them neatly in my new cylindrical vase.

White roses and green pom pom flowers

Then I purchased some gorgeous melon-hued tulips for $7.99 for the bunch. Not bad! I stuck them in my new rectangle vase and tied them in the center with a little rubber band, making them look much more neat and tidy. Thank goodness for the internet because when I first arranged the tulips, I just dropped the entire bouquet in the vase, which was filled super high with water. According to E-How, you have to fill the vase only 3/4 of the way with fresh, cold water and prick the tulips on the stem beneath the actual flower. THEN you peel away the leaves that would be sitting underwater because they will eventually rot and become moldy. OK so some of those tulips are totally hanging over the edge but, oh well, they’re just chillin.

Last but not least, I filled a mason jar with some violet garden mums and the apple green pom pom flowers. Love, love, love the contrast between these two complimentary colors.


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