Breakfast of Champs

Ah, the breakfast sandwich, how I love thee. Especially when you’re flattened panini-style. Something about pressing a sandwich takes it from sub-par to amazing, even if it just holds two eggs, a slice of havarti cheese and a piece of bacon. Oh, not to mention the slight smear of chipotle mayo in there.

– 1 large piece of white sourdough bread, cut in half
– 1 slice of havarti cheese (or any cheese that you prefer)
– 1 tablespoon chipotle mayo or just regular mayo (or none!)
– 2 eggs
– 1 slice of bacon

*Heat the pan to medium and cook your bacon slice until it’s nice and crisp. Drain the fat on a paper towel and pour out the remaining grease from the skillet into a paper cup (for it to cool down so you can throw it away.) Do not wipe up the grease from the pan. This is what will make your eggs taste so darn good – bacon grease (I know, super unhealthy but we eat this way once in blue moon so don’t judge).

*Scramble the two eggs into the remaining bacon fat. Set aside.

*Spread your bread slices with the mayo and assemble the sandwich in this order: bread, eggs, cheese, bacon, bread. Place the sandwich on the same skillet you’ve been cooking with (there should only be a very tiny hint of bacon fat now sitting in the pan) and press the sandwich down with a sandwich press. If you don’t have one, get resourceful and let your tea kettle sit on top of the sandwich – about 2 minutes per side until it’s crisp, golden and FLAT!

Bacon havarti pressed breakfast sandwich


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