Hawaiian French Toast

I woke up this morning craving Hawaiian French Toast, one of THE easiest recipes to make since, well, it’s all about the hawaiian bread. Instead of serving it with maple syrup, I substituted agave syrup and also added a side dish of mascarpone cheese and blueberry preserves. Oh, and a few slices of bacon for my better half.

Hawaiian French Toast

– Kings Hawaiian bread. You can use ANY loaf size of Kings Hawaiian bread AS LONG AS IT IS Kings Hawaiian bread. I use the mini loaves.

– 2 eggs

– 1 tsp vanilla extract

– butter

– 2 tbs white sugar

– agave syrup to taste

– 2 tbs each of mascarpone cheese and preserves

– Beat two eggs and add the vanilla extract and sugar. Soak the bread into the mixture and coat on both sides. You can fit about six halves on a plate. Heat up the butter (about one tablespoon) on a hot skillet and set the loaves on there to cook until golden brown on each side. Dab some butter and dust with powdered sugar.

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