Tapas Style Dinner

I made a tapas style dinner the other night that I would like to share. I haven’t done one of these in quite awhile and it was fun to present the food on my favorite rectangle plate from Cost Plus. I get all my dishes there, by the way. That place is amazing. Anyways, I bought a box of French green lentils from the farmers market and after eating these, I will never go back to regular lentils. The difference? Well, French green lentils are supposedly the best of the best of lentils. They retain their shape very nicely even after cooking it forever, and they have a naturally buttery and nutty taste. Holy moly! Delicious.

From left to right: French green lentils bathed in a little bit of melted butter, roasted roma tomato topped with a hint of olive oil, sea salt, basil, and parmesan cheese, and oven roasted carrots glistening with a smidge of olive oil and sea salt. And now…the close-up shots.

On a side note, I have been incredibly busy at work lately. I have been taking my work home with me (tsk tsk such a bad habit) and working after dinner, too. UGH! This won’t last long, though. And it better not. My ass is going to get so big from sitting all freakin’ day and I’m going to go blind from all the pixel pushing I do. Anyway, to take a break from all the graphic design work I’m doing, I’ve been having lots of fun superimposing heads on bodies HAHAHA! Below are pics of my two friends and the men they are SOOOO in love with. The top picture features my friend, Jenn, and her crush, Bill Schulz (writer and panelist) from Red Eye on Fox News. The second picture is her sister and my other pal, Nicole, and her dream honey, Ian Somerhalder from LOST and Vampire Diaries. HAHAHA! Looks pretty real, doesn’t it? By the way, Nicole would really kill me if she found out I posted this. Eh, she doesn’t read my blog anyway 😉

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