Flowers, Dogs, and My New Challenge

Alot has been going on lately so I’ve been too busy to post (yet again!)

Here’s a scene from work…clothes, models, photo shoots galore! Hectic work schedule this week, like, 12 hour days.

We have an amazing rose bush next to the side of the house and it’s blooming like crazy. I picked a couple roses and placed them on my favorite little table from Culver City’s HD Buttercup in glass bowls to add some color to the living room. I love free flowers!

I feel bad saying this on a food blog but Kihei has worms 😦 She has already been de-wormed twice and still has them. Vet said she just has a major infestation of roundworms so she’s been looking a little skinny since all her nutrients are getting sucked out of her. I feel so bad for the little pup but she’s as cute as ever.

Hmmm…how do I get her into the Marley & Me sequel??

We got hibiscus today from Home Depot and planted them in giant terracotta pots. Aren’t they pretty?

Oh! So my new challenge….yeah, I’m trying to save money BIG TIME right now. I’ve decided to spend $25 for the work week and make that last me all five days for breakfast, lunch, AND dinner. Tough, right? I went and bought bagels, eggs, cheese, soy milk (for oatmeal) and a big tub of FAGE yogurt. I have some pantry staples like walnuts and raisins that will add flavor to the yogurt so that can work as breakfast and snacks. I’m most likely going to be eating breakfast sandwiches for my lunches and possibly dinners ha. Here’s one from this morning: two scrambled organic eggs, one slice of monterey jack cheese, and half an Alvarado Street Bakery sprouted wheat bagel toasted.

Speaking of saving money, I had a dinner the other night out of some pantry items: edamame, seaweed, and Braggs Amino Acid. YUM!


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