101 Breakfasts For My Boyfriend

I think I want to start a new blog called “101 Breakfast for My Boyfriend” lol. Lately, my obsession is making breakfast for Chris and then snapping pictures of them. I think I’m obsessed with doing this because I never eat any of the food I make for him. Guys can get away with eating buttery eggs, greasy meat, and a load of carbs and not gain weight it seems like. Me? Not so much…Here are a couple of breakies I’ve been making for Chris. I love the new canvas I’m using to display the food. It’s the beautiful reclaimed teak dining table we bought 🙂

Scrambled organic eggs with spicy sausage and topped with burrata cheese, served alongside warm tortillas.

Scrambled eggs and chorizo, served alongside more tortillas.

Scrambled eggs with leftover steak, served alongside toasted rye bread.

I call this “The Eyes Have It” because the eggs look like eyes, no? I found these interesting little “pizzas” from the local farmers market. They are thin crusts topped with a layer of meat and sauce. The package comes frozen but I heated two slices up and topped each with cheese and a sunny side up egg.

Mmmm….Giada de Laurenttis’ “Pizza di Spaghetti“. This is seriously my favorite way to use leftover spaghetti.

  1. Jacqui said:

    Don’t you hate that boys are like that. My hubby is the same way!!

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