It’s Christmas!!

Well, not really. It felt like Christmas because the shoes I ordered from ShoeDazzle just arrived! I saw the FedEx guy walking up our steps and I snatched the box out of his hands and ran to try the bad boys on.

So cute!! So fierce.

Alrighty, enough about shoes. Onto the food! I made myself a juice for breakfast with lemon, ginger, cucumber, granny smith apple, kale, and a nectarine. Mmmm. The nectarine adds a subtle hint of sweetness.

And Chris got the same breakfast – eggs with leftover brisket from Passover.

We’ve been walking the dogs alot lately…

And we’ve been teaching Kihei to sit at every intersection like her big bro. Good girl!

Here’s Kihei with something on her nose. I swear, this puppy gets into every single thing…pretty cute, huh? I think it’s a piece of paper lol.

Looks like Kihei likes her shoes, too.

Anyways, it’s Saturday and I’ve got a ton of errands to run including packing boxes at home for the big move next week. Argh I hate moving. Luckily, I lived in a studio apartment so I don’t have too much stuff. Not sure what’s on tap for tonight – I think it may be dinner at Casablanca (LOVE) in Venice, CA followed by some late night bowling with friends. Woohoo!

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