I Need More Sleep!!

For the past three weeks (well, ever since we have gotten Kihei) I have been passing out on the couch around 10pm on average. It was worse that first week we got her because I was passing out around 9pm, still in my work clothes with my laptop next to me and my mouth gaping wide open. To some people, this might seem fairly late and to others it might seem early. I usually go to bed around 11:30pm or midnight, so this to me is very odd. Also, I never ever ever pass out on the couch unless I’m sick or had too much to drink. I can’t figure out why I’m getting tired so early. I blamed it on daylight savings time when we had to push our clocks one hour forward but that’s over and done with and I’m still waking up on the couch bleary-eyed at, like, 1am. It sucks! I figure that A) I’m getting older and just can’t stay up like I used to B) ever since we got the puppy, we’ve been rising at 6am every morning as opposed to our usual 7:30am wake when it was just us and Guido so I’m extra tired from lack of sleep or C) a combo of the above. Whatever the reason is, I’m determined to make 10pm my bedtime, where I’m already in bed, teeth brushed, PJs on, and lights out. Falling asleep at 10pm on the couch does not count!! If I am in bed and asleep by 10pm and wake up at 6am, then I’ll get the recommended 8 hours of beauty rest I need. Well, we’ll see about that!

I’ve been craving juice lately so I made an interesting combo this morning for breakfast: lemon, ginger, Granny Smith apple, cucumber, kale, nectarine. Mmmm! This was super tasty and refreshing!

Chris’ breakfast was a tad more hearty than mine. We had leftover brisket from Passover on Monday night, so I scrambled three eggs and served it alongside the brisket for him. Hey, they do this sorta thing in Asia (eggs and heavy meat for the morning meal) so I figured it would fly in our household hehe. He liked it. That’s all that counts.

Oh, wait. Dogs playing. Gotta show you some pics.

As you can see, our little girl isn’t so little anymore 😦 She’s getting bigger each day!! But she’s still a cutie pie. Now I know how parents feel when their little babies sprout like wildfire – one minute the kids are four months old and the next minute they’re fourteen years old and stealing your car!! Ack! I can hold off on parenthood for a bit…raising a puppy is enough for me right now!

I wanted to eat healthy for lunch because I’ve been eating some weird stuff lately so I cooked up some sweet mochi rice for a yummy Japanese meal. First, I made spinach avocado sushi rolls with the sweet sticky mochi rice (yum!), sauteed spinach, sliced avocado, Braggs Amino Acid, and sesame seeds. Holy cow – this was freakin’ delicious!

Then, I made a super healthy seaweed salad with sauteed spinach, wakame seaweed, hiziki seaweed, sliced cucumber, Braggs Amino Acid and sesame seed oil, and sesame seeds. I served it alongside a big scoop of some more sweet sticky mochi rice. Mmmmm…!!!

Um. Unfortunately my healthy eating ended there…I later snacked on rice pudding from Whole Foods (which was creamy and decadent and divine), a chocolate truffle, a couple sips of soy hot chocolate. Dinner was a hot mess – it was just a combo of random things I had laying around the house and now I feel sick and sleepy. It’s 9:20pm and I’m about to say goodnight because my eyelids are starting to get super heavy. Chris is out playing night golf with his buddy and I’ve got Kihei in her crate (passed out from playing too much) and Guido is snoring on our bed. Before I go, I’ll leave you with a couple more pics of the little rascal.

Oh, and on a side note, I’ve signed up for a pretty cool shoe service called ShoeDazzle. This is for all the ladies who love shoes and variety…you basically pay $39 for every pair of shoes and you get a new style selection of five styles every month. Anyway, I got my selection this morning and picked these!! I think they arrive this weekend and I’m excited to try them on. I’ve been in dire need of a pair of bondage heels but don’t want to fork over a ton of cash for the nicer brands of shoes like Louboutin and Camilla Skovgaard. What can I say, I’m feeling cheap and lazy.


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