Just One Last Post, Promise

OK OK I know I am starting to sound like one of those obnoxious parents who think only their kids are the cutest and take a million pictures of them to show to friends and family. Yah….that’s kind of how I feel right now about Kihei, our new half vizsla half labrador puppy (aks LABRALA), which freaks me out because I can only imagine what I will be like when I have real human kids!! But that’s a wayyyy later thing to deal with. For now…

labrador vizsla puppy

OK is this not the look of love or what?? Who knew Chris was such a doting and loving father?! LOL!

big paws on labrador vizsla puppy

Kihei is going to be a big dog…just look at those paws!!

our labrador vizsla puppy.

our labrador vizsla puppy

I did NOT pose this photo. She seriously fell asleep like this with her arms wrapped around her toy (courtesy of Aunt Nikki!!) Ehhh….her body is looking kind of barrel-like here, though

labrador vizsla labrala puppy

God, she has gotten so much bigger already!! I have to cherish the moments when I can still pick her up like a baby and keep her on my lap 😦

…but no matter what a cutie Kihei is, Guido will always be our #1 🙂 Talk about a well-behaved, sweet-natured dog. Love you, little guy!

  1. E A said:

    The puppy fotos are just darling… oh my!

    Have a ball watching the little girl grow up.

    • melissa said:

      Thanks dad!! She really is a cutie!

  2. OH MY GOSH! CUTE puppies!!!!! I could look at food or baby animal photos all day. 🙂

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