I Know I’ve Been Missing But…

I have a good reason I haven’t been updating the blog lately. There is a new puppy in the house!! That’s right, I’d like to introduce to the world KIHEI (my favorite town in Maui). She’s a half lab, half vizsla mix and is only eight weeks old. Her mama was a rescue. She was abandoned on the highway by her owner in Arizona because she had become impregnated by a lab male (the mom was a purebred vizsla) and the owner didn’t want her anymore 😦 Luckily, the girl who works next door to me was driving on that highway visiting family in Arizona, saw the mama dog, and rescued it. She found out mama was pregnant and helped foster the litter of eight little pups (some were black and most were blond!) and I rescued this bundle of joy. She’s a total handful (which explains my lack of posting) but brings so much love to Chris, Guido, and I. If anyone has puppy training tips, please let me know. We’re currently trying to crate train her while we are at work but don’t want to leave her too long in the crate since she’s still a baby and has a baby-sized bladder. So today we left her crate open in the guest bedroom so she can wander outside the crate and pee pee on a pad on the floor … but I don’t know. We’re still testing out some methods of training. Everyone seems to have their own theory. OK since when did Pastries & Bacon become a blog about dogs? HAHA!

labrador viszla labrala

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