I Fillo Good

Fillo. Phyllo. However you spell it, this light and flaky dough is versatile and can be used in so many different ways, I am shocked I have never experimented with it before. I think I was somewhat intimidated by the “layering” process and brushing each sheet with butter or oil. Anyway, I am so glad I decided to purchase a box of it over the weekend. I was inspired to experiment with this ingredient after eating one of the most delicious frozen pizzas I have ever tried – the frozen Tarte Alsace from Trader Joes. Holy s***, this frozen pizza was AWESOME. It was better than awesome, it was orgasmic. If you’re a fan of the thin crust, and you have a Trader Joes close to you, and that Trader Joes carries this brand…get it. NOW! The “crust” was oh so crisp and light and flaky and buttery, topped with the perfect amount of ham, gruyere cheese, and onion. Light yet tasty, my tastebuds were in heaven. Chris and I ate the whole darn thing in no time…and we wanted more, more, more! Which brings me to…

Phyllo dough! I was convinced that the Tarte Alsace was not made from regular pizza dough. No, no. This dough was far too light and flaky and buttery and it tasted so much like phyllo dough crust that I had to experiment for myself. I went to Whole Foods (of course, where else do I go) and purchased a box of fillo from The Fillo Factory.

the fillo factory fillo phyllo dough

After letting it thaw out for a little bit, I neatly put one sheet on my silpat and brushed it with butter, then layered another sheet of phyllo on top of that and brushed it with butter again. Now to the fun pizza ingredients! First, was shredded cheese…

Next up: canadian bacon, tomato, some sliced mushroom, onion, and dried basil flakes

Into the oven for about 20 minutes at 375 degrees and…

Oh man, it was SO good. Just as good as the Tarte Alsace, if not better (since it’s homemade and doesn’t contain preservatives or weird ingredients.) Chris loved it and you could hear the crispy crust crunch and crackle as you bit into the slice with the melted cheese oozing everywhere, and the salty flavor of the ham bursting in your mouth. But why stop there?

I’m obsessed with greek food, especially spanakopita which is just about one of my most favorite foods. I had frozen spinach and feta cheese on hand so why not make it for myself?? First, I took two sheets and used my pastry brush to spread one half with butter. I folded the other half over it and sauteed up my frozen spinach with some diced onion, salt, pepper, and garlic.

Then, I drained the spinach of any excess liquid and put it on the phyllo dough with some room to spare on the edges since I planned on rolling this up like a burrito. I added 1 oz of sheep’s milk feta cheese on top. Mmmmm…

I rolled up the bottom tightly and made it like a burrito by folding in the sides. Voila!

And then I baked it at 375 degrees for about 15 minutes until golden on top. Check out the sides…the cheese is ready to ooze out!

The only complaint was that there was a little too much moisture from the spinach. Next time I will have to drain it more and also add a bit more seasoning as it lacked in the salt department. But it was still very tasty and delightful and I’ll be making these for lunch more often!

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