Monday Blues

Am I the only one who thinks we should have four day work weeks and three day weekends?? I truly believe that if we did, everyone would be ALOT happier, MORE productive, and WAY LESS stressed. The weekends fly by too quick – what gives?? I absolutely love my job but I love hanging out at home with a cocktail so much more.

Onto Monday. I really wanted to go to the gym this morning but for one thing, I was SUPER sore from spinning and core work this weekend. My thighs were on fire. Secondly, I had to take a few puffs of my asthma inhaler at, like, 3:30am and my medication can make me sleepy. So everytime I use it in the middle of the night, it makes me extra tired when I’m supposed to wake up in the morning. No worries, I’ll just go to the gym tomorrow. I’m trying not to turn into a gym rat and get completely burnt out on exercise, which has always been my problem. Nice and slow, steady I go is my motto these days.

Breakfast was black coffee (very healthy. NOT!) in this super duper cool cup I got from Bed, Bath & Beyond. How hilarious is it?? And it’s totally recycable and microwavable. See, I have this bad habit of constantly heating and re-heating my coffee. The problem is that when I re-heat coffee in a regular to-go coffee cup, the bottom gets burnt and it leaves a foul stench in the room. But this cup from Copco is awesome – it looks and feels like a regular to-go coffee cup but with all the benefits. And for some reason, there is pyschological satisfaction when it comes to having your coffee in a to-go cup…I don’t know why. When I drink coffee out of a mug, it’s not the same. I am weird.

copco to-go coffee cup

Lunch was made at home. I have so many groceries in the fridge, I feel guilty going somewhere to eat. So I made a rather healthy spinach and goat cheese salad with raw asparagus bits and lemon juice as the dressing. Then, I toasted a sandwich thin and made an open-faced sammie with spinach, a veggie patty, and tzatziki on a sandwich thin.

greek style lunch

Oh, I ended lunch with a cup of steaming hot chocolate made with soymilk.

I planned to make dinner at home but Chris insisted we go out to instead so we hit up one of our favorite joints, 26 Beach, in Venice. I love this place. Their menu is enormous, the portion sizes are generous, the ambience is chill, and the quality of food is always consistently good. We shared an appetizer of fried jumbo shrimp and fries with tangy cocktail sauce (yum), and then for the entrees I got the grilled salmon salad with a soy dressing (see below) and Chris ordered his favorite Chicken Chipotle Pasta. I finished my entire salad except for a couple leaves.

26 Beach Grilled Salmon Salad

After dinner, we were both craving something sweet so rather than ordering dessert at the restaurant, we opted to stop at the grocery store and pick up a medley of sweet treats, which included sour patch kids, chocolate covered pretzels, peanut brittle, ice cream, and s’mores. Sounds like we’re both PMSing. Nah, just one of us 😉


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