Sunday Funday

I slept in til 10am this morning and for me, that’s LATE! I really don’t know how people sleep in past 9am usually. I’m  normally up around 8am on the weekends but lately, I’ve been really tired and can’t figure out why. I woke up and threw on my gym clothes because I was motivated to hit up another CORE CYCLE class at the LMU gym. It was a different instructor this time, Marie, and DAMN she was really really tough!! The first fifteen minutes was “warm up” but everyone was so out of breath and sweating like mad. Marie’s class incorporated a ton of “hovering over the saddle”, which translates to “burn your ass and thighs til you cry”…needless to say, everyone was wincing and we hadn’t even gotten to the “real” workout yet. I’ve been told that a spinning class can burn anywhere from 500 to 600 calories and I hope so! After the 45 minutes of spinning, I stayed for Marie’s core workout. She had us use mats and the stability balls and we did alot of planks and reverse ab crunches – aahhhhh!

I got home around 12:30pm and was hungry! So I made potstickers that Amanda from The Grains of Paradise once taught me to make. Instead of her tofu and peas, however, I used tofu and asparagus and made it mushy in the food processor. We steamed them in my little cute bamboo steamer from Cost Plus and I lined it with cabbage leaves so the potstickers wouldn’t stick too much to the bamboo. Chris made a dipping sauce of soy sauce, ponzu, and spicy chili sauce. Chris and I split this. YUM! Very, very chewy and doughy and healthy tasting. Totally beats pre-packaged potstickers you get at the market.

Me making potstickers

Me making the tofu and asparagus potstickers

tofu and asparagus potstickers

My tofu and asparagus potstickers before they got steamed

By the way, have you seen one of these? My sister got it for me – it’s a potsticker press and sealer! Pretty cute, huh? Actually, it looks like a set of dentures or a mold for a mouthguard haha. But it works great. If you don’t have one of these, you can also use a fork to press and seal the edges or just fold it over with your fingers.

Potsticker sealer

Potsticker sealer

My potstickers in the little bamboo steamer

My potstickers in the little bamboo steamer!

Steamed potstickers


After lunch, my girlfriend whom I’ve known since I was nine years old and going to school in Hong Kong, Jules, came to visit. She works for ZICO Coconut Water and totally hooked us up!! Check out the two big boxes of Mango and Passionfruit ZICO water we got!! Thanks, Jules! I’ll definitely be using these to make my smoothies.

ZICO mango and passionfruit coconut water

Jules stayed and hung out for awhile so we snacked on more potstickers and I had a couple bites of my boyfriend’s leftover burrito from Chipotle….mmmmm. I also had a handful of Kettle Chips (the BEST chips out there) and some candy from the asian market that Jules gave me.

For dinner, we made naan pizzas (inspired from here) and I topped mine with spinach, goat cheese, and some cool garlic-infused olive oil we got at the store. I also wanted something super cheesey so I made a quick little quesadilla with mozzarella, spinach, and the spinach tortilla we have in the fridge. On Chris’ pizza, I used pesto sauce, the garlic-infused olive oil, salami, and mozzarella. The naan bread I got was whole wheat and vegan, from the Santa Monica Co-op Market. Pretty good! Chris asked for some of my pureed lentil soup on the side.

naan pizza

Chris' dinner

quesadilla and naan pizza


For dessert (because it’s Sunday and we always gotta go big to close out the weekend), I made a banana bread adapted from here. But instead of using sugar, I used NONE. Why? Because super ripe bananas are at their sweetest and I didn’t see the need to add extra sweetness, especially in the form of sugar. Also, instead of baking it in a baking pan, I did it the lazy way and spread it out over my silpat. It’s rustic! And it also baked in less time – 40 minutes as opposed to an hour! I broke off the edges for Chris and I and smeared it with some butter, cream cheese, and a little maple syrup. Sounds weird but tasted awesome!

banana bread

We also watched the olympics! I’m obsessed with skating sports….the ice looks so fun. Plus, my mom lives right up the street from the Richmond Oval, where the speed skating competitions are being held. I saw it when it first got built – so cool!

Oh, and I did laundry and incessantly BBM’d on my crackberry. Chris thinks I have an addiction. I DO.

  1. I love how pretty your potstickers turned out!!! I need one of those little gadgets! Love the asparagus too! xo A

  2. jason said:

    i LOVE that picture of ZICO — making me thirsty!

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