Making The Most of Saturday

Well, I started my Saturday off with a BANG! First, we took a stroll with Guido to Bristol Farms to pick up our favorite Peets Coffee, then headed down the block to the bank so I could deposit my paycheck (always nice) – it’s our way of “killing two birds with one stone” – walk the dog + run an errand. After that I came home and made another tart and refreshing green juice that I have lovingly dubbed “The Zinger” because everytime I take a sip, I go “ZIIING! That’s tart!”

I was eager to take a class at the gym – it’s called CORE CYCLE and consists of 45 minutes of spinning followed by 30 minutes of core and arm strength training. I know, intense right? WELL IT WAS! The instructor, Ricki, was awesome and I was dripping with sweat 15 minutes into the class. Note to self: bring WAYYY more water next time. 35 oz wasn’t enough. I debated whether to stay for the strength training section and am so glad I did – Ricki worked our core big time with plank moves and twists doubled up with weight lifting on the arms. My shoulders are weak so 8 lbs doing shoulder work was too much…had to scale back down to 5 lbs but it’s all about progress, I suppose.

Then I came home and made myself a hearty lunch because, damnit I deserve it haha. You know, I was trying to do that high protein, low carb diet for a little bit and I noticed I was getting thicker!! YUCK! What gives? Don’t all celebrities cut carbs to lose weight and tone up? I found it to be the opposite for me and it’s not like I was increasing my portions. For some really odd reason, eating more protein like eggs and chicken was bulking me…no bueno! I’m going back to high carbs/veggie, lower protein which is what I used to do. We’ll see. Everyone’s different so maybe I just don’t respond as well to high protein/low carb.

Vegetarian lunch

Lunch: a medley of things that I felt like eating. First up, an open-faced sandwich on Rudi’s Organic Bakery oat wheat bread (toasted), and piled high with butter lettuce, sprouts, tomato, 1/4 avocado, and 1/2 oz of creamy goat cheese. Next to that was another veggie taco I made with leftover fillings I found in the fridge: black eans, 2 tablespoons of cottage cheese, cilantro, and some diced tomato on my spinach tortilla. Last but not least (I’m trying to make this a habit now) was a side salad with just spinach, tomato, and 2 tbl of low fat balsamic vinaigrette…oh, and I had the rest of last night’s baklava hee hee. So light and flaky with the right amount of sweet. Some baklava is too sweet and it ruins the whole thing.

I got hungry around 4pm. Maybe it’s because I was watching Chris scarf down half a barbacoa burrito from Chipotle?? The smell was amazing but I know how darn fattening those things are so I opted for a couple stalks of raw asparagus and a few ounces of blackened chicken breast I had baked a couple days ago. To mimic fried chicken dipped in ranch, I just drizzled a tablespoon of this yogurt “ranch” dressing over the chicken pieces…mmm tastes just as good if not better!

Then later that night we went to a friend’s Mexican-themed dinner party. Let’s just say I loaded up on wayyyy too much chips and salsa and guacamole. By the time the “real” food came around – chicken enchiladas, fried taco shells, rice with beans, and crockpot beef – I was already in a food coma. Zzzzzz…..


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