I started my morning off with a 6:30 am workout at the gym. It was still semi dark when the alarm went off and all I wanted to do was stay in the super warm and comfy bed and snuggle with my lover man. But NO. I made a commitment (which I really hope I stick to) to go to the gym AT LEAST three times a week so off I went. I did 40 minutes of a steady 6.1 run on the treadmill interspersed with a couple minutes of uphill walking at a 3.5 grade. Then, I did “skull crushers” with an 8lb weight on the stability ball (my butt was on fire), worked my core with lower leg lifts squeezing the giant ball, and finished with a yoga-style “plank” move. I was sooooo sweaty but it felt sooooo good. Plus, I have been really stressed out with personal things and there’s nothing like an ass-whooping workout to make me feel better. I still can’t believe I am saying that working out relaxes me!

For breakfast, I sipped on my kale, cucumber, lemon, ginger, apple, pear juice that I pre-made last night. I had a big client meeting early in the morning to jet off to up in Pacific Palisades and I knew that between my workout, showering, and getting ready, I would have zero time to juice in the morning. Mmmmm….perfectly crisp and tart and refreshing – da bomb!

kale lemon ginger apple pear cucumber juice

I was starving at 11am from my morning workout but didn’t have anything with me to eat and I was still up in the Palisades. I’m watching my spending right now so I didn’t want to buy anything either. When I got home for lunch, I whipped up a simple salad with butter lettuce (my fave!), gluten-free croutons (I got these only because I couldn’t find the regular croutons at the market but these are super yummy), and dressing from Annie’s. I get SO hungry after eating just a salad so I added a veggie taco made with corn tortilla, 1/4 an avocado, 1 tablespoon of hummus, 1 tablespoon of tzatziki, and more butter lettuce. Hmmm….sounds more like a Greek taco.

salad with gluten free croutons and annie's goddess dressing

greek taco

Dinner was AWESOME. We decided to have casual date night but our usuals, like thai and sushi, just didn’t sound so appealing to me. I’ve been eating alot of hummus and tzatziki lately so I wanted to quench my thirst for some greek food. I jumped on and found what looked like a hole-in-the-wall greek food joint in a weird part next to the LAX airport. They got amazing reviews, though, so we decided to give it a shot (no pics, sorry!) It’s called Aliki’s Greek Taverna and you can check it out here.

We split a spanakopita appetizer that came with a side of greek salad with feta and olives. The spanakopita was sooooo tasty – the crust was light and flaky and crisp and soft all at the same time and the filling was surprisingly light. For our main course, I ordered the red pepper gyro sandwich that came with garlic hummus and Chris got the pork souvlaki dish that came with green beans, rice, and tzatziki on the side. Of course, I finished the entire sandwich and couldn’t say no to dessert: baklava that was perfectly sweet with just the right amount of nuts. Mmmmm. I only ate like a quarter of this, though, because somehow along the way I lost my appetite for my sweet treat. All good, though, I took the rest home and may have the rest with some lemon tea after I close up this post for the day 🙂

Cheers to Friday night!!!


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