FOOD-EO FRIDAY: Melissa Clark + Cooking In Tiny Kitchens

One of my favorite books ever is The Skinny: How to Fit Into Your Little Black Dress Forever by Robin Aronson and Melissa Clark. Full of wit and humor, this book is anything but a diet book. Part Sex and The City, part health magazine, it’s an easy read filled with eating and exercise tips that just make sense. In fact, after reading the book, I was able to drop a few pounds while still enjoying lobster mac n cheese for lunch and chocolate souffle for dessert. Awesome, right? Melissa Clark is also a talented food writer and I am so happy to see that she’s got a video for our viewing pleasure: Tips For Cooking In A Tiny Kitchen. I plan on making this dish myself, it’s way too easy to pass up. Enjoy!

1 comment
  1. I have yet to see this but I can tell you, Melissa has worked in teeny tiny kitchens and made beautiful food in all of them!

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