SIDE NOTE: It’s Gym Time, Baby!

It’s official. Chris and I belong to a gym. Together. And not just any gym, but the gym at Loyola Marymount University (his good ole alma mater.) I’ve been wanting to join a gym for some time now and am keen on getting in shape by summer. I’m slim but soft and I really need to tone up, firm up, and get some muscle into my 5 foot 7 frame! Chris decided to join with me since A) the alumni rate is awesome and B) when I am working out, he can shoot hoops. So here is the deal: since I am not LMU alumni nor married to Chris, I only apply for what is called the “AM Membership”, which means I can only use the gym from 6am to 10am during the week and anytime during the weekends. FINE BY ME. This will force my butt to wake up early and get a good cardio workout in before work and be done with it. In addition to a super clean facility, it’s got badass basketball courts, a stellar swimming pool and tennis courts (you’ll find me playing tennis on the weekends for sure.) The AM Membership for me only costs $34 which is super cheap and there is no initiation fee, no towel fee, and no bullsh*t cancellation fee should I decide to un-join. The best part? The campus is seriously right down the street from Chris’ house (otherwise known as my second home) and I can just walk or ride my bike there. I’m all about convenience and this is it! Check out some of the pics from the campus.

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