WEEKEND RECAP: Friends + Food

We have a friend in town, Luke, who is actually the mastermind behind the name “Pastries & Bacon” – he came up with it when Chris and I professed our love for the sweet and savory side of food. So in honor of his presence, which is always such a pleasure, we had some friends over and just cooked up a medley of things including pancetta mac n cheese, ahi tuna grilled on the bbq, wild rice cooked in our Zojirushi (sweet investment if you’re willing to shell the money for one), beef roast (again!) in the crock pot, and Luke’s blue cheese cole slaw. Our friends brought over sauteed carrots and a giant bowl of delicious creamy mashed potatoes which tasted so light and fluffy despite the butter and parmesan content.

Here’s Luke standing proudly next to his blue cheese cole slaw

…and here is the dish itself

Kevin and Meghann’s lovely carrots and mashed potatoes

Football was on the menu, of course!

But the best part about the weekend was getting my xmas present early from Chris. Actually, it was more like I spotted it by my desk and just ripped the box open. I know, shame on me but I guess I like to spoil things! It’s all good, though, because I was aware what he had gotten me and needless to say, I AM SO THRILLED!!!

Yep, an awesome CANON Powershot SX10IS. I am reading up on how to work all the settings because you can bet I will be playing with this forever. I haven’t had a camera for about two months now and it’s been painful.

Check you later, guys.

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