Weekend Dinner Recap

Now that I’m eating meat again, I find myself longing for the hearty flavors of a wonderful pot roast just about every weekend, especially now that the temperature is chilly outside. Sunday morning started off with the usual dog walk to Bristol Farms, where I loaded up on a large cup of Peet’s Coffee (my absolute favorite) and any other miscellaneous groceries, like two pounds of boneless chuck roast that I planned to slow cook in the crock pot. The recipe for the roast is easy as pie: dice up a large onion, throw it into the crock pot, add the boneless chuck roast, two cups of beef broth, some minced garlic, and any seasoning you desire (in this case, it was salt, pepper, paprika, coriander, and cumin.) Then you let it sit for about, oh, eight hours to which you’ll find the most tender, juicy, mouth-watering roast waiting to be devoured.

Our plan was to make beef tacos dinner but after watching Jill Santopietro’s video on fish tacos the other night, we decided to go big and add fish tacos to the menu, too. We used cod and dusted it lightly in flour so we could pan fry it for a crispy texture. Jill Santopietro advises to fry the fish in both oil and butter. Sounds a little excessive, doesn’t it? Yes, but it is oh so good.

I opted for feasting on the roast and fish over a bed of leftover rice and beans from an awesome Brazilian restaurant close to my house called Bossa Nova. Chris went the taco route and heated up corn tortillas (always a must for tacos – no flour tortilla nonsense here), chopped up some cabbage, and made a plate for himself.

Here’s my plate: a nice helping of the roast, a portion of the lightly fried cod, and some yummy rice and beans (which, to be perfectly honest, I barely touched because I was so full after eating the roast.)

And here is Chris’ plate: fish and beef tacos plus a scoop of the rice and beans


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