The Curious Case of the Extra Thin Cookie

One of my most requested desserts to bake are my white chocolate chip salted cookies. I made them last holiday season and they were a HUGE hit. I mean, HUGE. Epic almost. In fact, I got so many requests for them again this year that I felt a little obliged to make some for a mini shindig we hosted at the house last weekend. But something went awry. They came out looking like they lost about twenty pounds while sitting in the oven. Super thin and super crispy, they were. I was quite disappointed and (like all the guys on Top Chef would do) refused to serve them to our guests just because I didn’t feel they were perfecto. Lucky for me, Chris loves super thin crust pizza, so these were happily gobbled up by him this past week. “It’s like super thin crust pizza, only better!” He said with a huge grin. “Coz they’re sweet!”

True dat.

Here are the cookies prior to losing twenty pounds in the oven.

Post Jenny Craig: super thin!


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