A Love For The Fizz

If I were to choose between regular water and carbonated water, I would pick the fizzy H20 any day. There is something about fizz that makes water taste extra yummy (personally, I find water to be very boring unless it’s chilled to perfection with lemon juice squeezed in it.) This week I’ve been experiencing the weirdest cravings: fizz and sashimi. The other night, I had a beautiful plate of raw ahi tuna, salmon sashimi, and yellowfin tuna for dinner along with another love of my life, the Samuel Adams Cherry Wheat Beer (yes, it’s called the Beer and Sashimi Diet.) And then just a couple days before that, I was craving fizz so bad, I popped open a mini can of Diet Coke and drank it chilled. The Diet Coke was disgusting and reminded me A) why I don’t drink soda and B) what chemicals taste like. Yuck yuck yuck! I don’t know how people can chug Diet Cokes all day…I guess it’s an acquired taste maybe??

So back to the Fizz. I was hanging out at my friend’s house last night and she offered me a can of club soda. Oh man. I know all the carbonation in club soda might not be good for you, but DAMN it was so delicious, I had a second can…and a third. And now I feel like I may be addicted because I woke up this morning craving a can of cold club soda. At zero calories, it’s a guiltless pleasure and gives me the same satisfaction I get out of drinking my Samuel Adams Cherry Wheat beer. Not too shabby!

  1. Amy said:

    I just ran across your blog as I was searching for photos of club soda to profess my similar love for the beverage.

    • melissa said:

      Thanks! I’m also obsessed with drinking Reed’s Ginger Beer now…perfect amount of fizz and taste.

  2. lucyglib said:

    Ditto Amy. I swear by club soda with a lime when I’m through with drinking – I call it “festive water!”

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