Bread Puddin’

What do you do when you have leftover Kings Hawaiian sweet bread, a handful of chocolate chips, and cream? You make an individual-sized bread pudding dessert. I pulled together some measly scrapings of the bread that we had sitting over from burgers, whipped up an egg with sugar and whipping cream, tossed in a small amount of chocolate chips and let the thing bake in this pint-sized ramekin (small size = less guilt!) Serve with decadent vanilla ice cream and share it with a lover. (Blackberry photo below = poor image quality)


PS: speaking of photos, we sent one of the broken Canon cameras in and they quoted us $110 to fix. How ridiculous is that?! Might as well spend a  little extra money and get a brand new one…which is exactly what we are going to do. Hopefully we’ll have a newbie in time for holiday season.

  1. sandysays1 said:

    That looks fabulous to me. I think my human must like it too. He’s drooling so much he can’t speak. Only problem he thinks it won’t fit his diet to well. Oh, heck. visit me at

  2. Amanda said:

    That is the cutest thing ever! I have to try that:-) I love Hawaiian sweet bread too!
    I just got a quote to fix my broken small Nikon too $130….I have to ship it to the mainland too:-( boo!
    xo A

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