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Chris, my amazing and supportive boyfriend, has finally posted his ABOUT page! Yeehaw! Check out his details here.


Bobby Flay says, The best part about Thanksgiving is the day after because of all the leftovers” and I wholeheartedly agree. This morning was a great excuse to throw in some leftover turkey into breakfast, which was enjoyed by Chris, my mom and I. Chris made his rendition of Thanksgiving Hash, which was a medley of potatoes, sweet peppers, egg, spinach and turkey. Then he slapped on (what else) bacon to finish the dish. Bon appetit!

PS: I captured him cooking this morning on my Flip camera, so I plan on editing and posting a video very soon! Stay tuned.

So how stoked am I??? We have a brand new Canon digital camera in the house! Yep, Chris purchased one so he’d be able to capture 2009 Thanksgiving memories – yay! With that being said, let’s move on to the most important topic: the food. I’m not going to dilly dally over the prep work that went into it, so I’m just going to skip ahead to the end product of what we indulged in.

Chris’ mom made some light and healthy apps (she found the recipe in Sunset Magazine): endive leaves topped with white beans and some herbs.

Cranberry from the jar. Chris’ mom also made her own (not pictured)

Gobble gobble. The turkey was stuffed with onion, rosemary and sliced lemon. I opted for the breast…and only had a little bit of it. Nice sepia filter on the picture, eh?

Here’s my plate at the table: a tiny bit of turkey, braised ‘n glazed carrots, sweet potato mash, a whole wheat roll, UH-mazing stuffing with mushroom and heavenly goodness, and a dollop of homemade cranberry sauce

Dessert was by me! Brioche bread pudding with raisins. I was way too lazy to make the recipe as it was stated so I eyeballed it which I know is (gasp!) a big no-no to eyeball when baking but you know what? It turned out soooo good. I also had it for breakfast this morning hehe 🙂

Get outta here and enjoy the rest of your holiday!!

If I were to choose between regular water and carbonated water, I would pick the fizzy H20 any day. There is something about fizz that makes water taste extra yummy (personally, I find water to be very boring unless it’s chilled to perfection with lemon juice squeezed in it.) This week I’ve been experiencing the weirdest cravings: fizz and sashimi. The other night, I had a beautiful plate of raw ahi tuna, salmon sashimi, and yellowfin tuna for dinner along with another love of my life, the Samuel Adams Cherry Wheat Beer (yes, it’s called the Beer and Sashimi Diet.) And then just a couple days before that, I was craving fizz so bad, I popped open a mini can of Diet Coke and drank it chilled. The Diet Coke was disgusting and reminded me A) why I don’t drink soda and B) what chemicals taste like. Yuck yuck yuck! I don’t know how people can chug Diet Cokes all day…I guess it’s an acquired taste maybe??

So back to the Fizz. I was hanging out at my friend’s house last night and she offered me a can of club soda. Oh man. I know all the carbonation in club soda might not be good for you, but DAMN it was so delicious, I had a second can…and a third. And now I feel like I may be addicted because I woke up this morning craving a can of cold club soda. At zero calories, it’s a guiltless pleasure and gives me the same satisfaction I get out of drinking my Samuel Adams Cherry Wheat beer. Not too shabby!

I’m giving food a break because for my meals today, I honestly ate the weirdest bunch of snacks and it’s just not worth posting. Having said that (did anyone catch the Curb Your Enthusiasm finale last night?? If you did, you’d understand why I said what I just said), I might as well list what I ate: ginger chews for breakfast, string cheese for lunch, a spoonful of peanut butter, half a cup of yogurt, a small cheese/salami plate (which was UH-mazing! My mom got a ton of goodies from the famous Cheese Store in Silverlake, CA yesterday and we feasted Italian style), and sashimi from Bristol Farms. Oh, and I had a Samuel Adams cherry wheat beer for dessert.

So back to what I’m posting about: home styles! For your information, I live in a tiny studio in Los Angeles. Rent is so ridiculous out here in SoCal and it’s even more expensive when you get into the Brentwood/Santa Monica area where I live. Luckily, unlike other studio apartments I have seen, I actually have a full kitchen that is walled-off (gasp! unheard of in studio apartments!) and a nice-sized bathroom closet. Plus I get a parking space which is also (gasp! real hard to get in my neck of the woods. So many people have to park on the street and risk getting a ticket if they sleep in on street washing day.)

I came across this adorable studio apartment in NYC belonging to Thakoon wholesale director, Stacey Caldwell, who also runs a home decor blog called Caldwell Home. Talk about making the most of her space! I love the combination of white with the dark chocolate walls and the wood floors. Little feminine touches here and there make me want to move in ASAP. Oh, and how cute is her bicycle parked next to her bed 🙂 Hey, not bad for a pint-sized pad! I’m going to start taking notes and applying them to my own little bachelorette.

There’s just something about the details in Julia Restoin-Roitfeld’s NYC apartment (she of Carine Roitfeld fame) that I love, especially the skull. Photos from

Another home that is quirky yet chic belongs to Laetitia Crahay, accessories designer for Chanel. I’m oddly attracted to the mishmash hodgepodge of items she has scattered artfully about.

Well, I wouldn’t really call it breakfast but this is what I ate this morning around 10am and it really hit the spot. A whole tin of Chimes Gourmet Ginger Chews, which are perfectly spicy, chewy, gummy and yummy. They have just the right amount of spice and zing to wake you up in the office and keep you alert. If you’re a ginger fan, I urge you to try these. I know for sure that Bristol Farms and Cost Plus carries Chimes Gourmet Ginger Chews but you may be able to find them elsewhere.