Let’s Start The Morning Off Right

I’m 95% over that nasty sinus cold bug I caught over the weekend, which had me laying like a limp doll on the couch sniffling, coughing, blowing my nose, exhausted….yuck! Something is going around because I know so many people who are going through the same deal – I guess it’s the new season and all. Luckily, I think all my juicing and healthier eating has boosted my immune system somewhat because it would normally take me a good five full days to recover from something like this and this time it only took me around two and a half days to feel better. Not bad!

So this morning I happily bounced into the kitchen with a renewed sense of energy and whipped up delicious breakfasts for Chris and I. Always inspired by Amanda at The Grains of Paradise, I made a breakfast wrap for Chris. Mandy made a mediterranean version (which is soooo yummy) but I made him a California version (hehe) which consisted of avocado – that’s the California part – with salami and cheese. I used this awesome lavash wrap that I got from the farmers market near our house (only $1.99 for 18 pieces!! What a great deal! And healthy, too) and then grilled the whole thing on our Le Creuset grill pan. I loved hearing the crisp, crackle and crunch noise of the wrap when I cut it in half – it was perfect and Chris inhaled everything down to the last bite. He gave me the thumbs up. Woohoo! Again, it’s an iPhone picture šŸ˜¦


And for me? I made a super tasty cucumber, carrot, ginger juice and used one of those disposable juice cups you get at the juice bar. It makes it more fun to sip, I think šŸ™‚ Note the pretty light orange color.


1 comment
  1. Amanda said:

    Ohh!!!! Looks so yummy!!! I want one now!
    Hope you’re feeling better chica! xo A

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