Here’s To A New TV

Chris has been wanting a new television really, really bad. You know how guys and their e-toys are. Anyway, last night at around 7:30pm, he darted off to Best Buy to pick up a Samsung 52-inch flat screen LCD that he eyeballed earlier in the day when we were mulling around Best Buy. His old TV is a 54-inch Panasonic DLP so a new TV wasn’t really needed (in my opinion) but when Chris is honed in on something, he usually gets it. I’m not going to lie, the picture quality is AWESOME. It’s so crystal clear it looks like whatever you’re watching is in the room right with you! Kind of trippy to be honest. And just in time for Sunday football, which was really why he was so eager to get it last night.

I may be sick with a sinus cold right now but that didn’t keep me from doing what I love to do: cooking! I made Chris breakfast this morning, only to feel so ill that later on he made breakfast for me 🙂

Scrambled eggs with spinach (an ongoing theme now because the two make the perfect pair), a side of bacon and potatoes that I first sauteed with garlic and pepper in peanut oil, then transferred to the oven to be baked through. Chris loved this.



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