Down To Zero Cameras + Pre-Halloween Bakes

Remember how I told you my Canon camera is broken? The lens is stuck and it makes a weird grinding noise when I try to turn it on? Well, it looks like Chris’ camera has caught the same virus because now his is broken too. That’s not the only thing broken – my heart is soooo broken over this!! It will be awhile before I can take nicey nice pics of my food so I’ll have to resort to using my phone or Photo Booth on the computer 😦 WAHHH!! Total bummer but what can you do, right? We’re going to try and get them fixed but who knows how much that will cost. Sigh.

Anyway, I spent tonight baking pre-Halloween goodies. I made chocolate cupcakes and was experimenting with frosting techniques. Um…total work in progress. My “mummies” (Butterfinger candies atop the cupcake with white frosting layered on top) looked more like candies with giant white beards and hair LOL. Oh well, they’re tasty at least!


  1. amanda said:

    Those are so cute! BTW-my small Nikon is making the same noise. I think I got some sand in it so I’m down to my massive Nikon 50 ( not exactly convinent for taking out to eat 😦 )

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