Dinner at Home

There’s nothing I enjoy more than making dinner at home, enjoying some wine, good music, and great company. And that’s exactly how we ended our stay with our friends before Chris and I moved to the resort for the wedding (another group of friends). Each of us played a part in the night’s meal: I was in charge of the starter, Chris made the starch dish, Amos made the main course, and Ro (being preggo) was the star sous chef, helping out wherever she could 🙂

For the starter, I made panko-crusted goat cheese salad (I baked the goat cheese medallions, rather than frying them so I could keep them somewhat on the healthier side.) I served the salads with a strawberry dressing and crushed candied pecans. Haha, it looks like the salad has two eyes and it’s smiling 🙂


Chris made risotto for the very first time! He followed a dried porcini mushroom recipe, and it came out so creamy and delicious.




For the main course, Amos did a tilapia dish, which came out perfectly tender and flaky. He seasoned it simple-style, with salt, pepper, and some essential herbs.




Good times!


  1. Amanda said:

    I love your goat cheese! Do you dip it in egg first and then the panko or just the panko?? How do you bake it?? Looks Awesome!

    • melissa said:

      I rolled it in flour, dipped it in egg, then in the panko and baked it for 40 min at 350 degrees – you have to try it 🙂

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