Texan Wedding

Last weekend, I had the pleasure of attending the wedding of our good friends, Meghann and Kevin Bass. It was in Austin, TX and I had never been before so I was in for a treat!! A good handful of our friends from Los Angeles all flew out there to attend the wedding and it was so much fun to spend quality time with them in a different state (such a bonding experience!) All of my foodie pics are at home but I can assure you that I ate LOADS of queso, chips, mexican food, and freshly baked scones (thanks, Roseann!) and ALCOHOL. I am on a detox right now just so I can get my body back into balance but all that food was well worth it. For now, I’ll leave you with some pictures from the wedding itself. Meghann and Kevin did an AMAZING job with the wedding – it took place at Star Hill Ranch, which reminded me of a darling set at Universal Studios. The colors were a beautiful burnt orange (symbolic of Texas and the fall colors) and a deep chocolate brown. The bride looked so pretty in a classic style dress and the bridesmaids all glowed in cute little dresses with small bouquets of burnt orange flowers. I’ll get into more detail when I upload the rest of my pics 🙂

Me and the groom, a day before the wedding. We stayed at Lakeway Resort & Spa.


The party shuttle en route to the wedding. We pre-funked it so by the time we got on the shuttle, we were already “silly”.


Hook ’em!! I got so many compliments on my dress (thanks all!) but I really opted for a long Grecian style dress so I could wear flip flops HEEHEE! I’m all about comfort.



I got to pet a long horn! Pretty cool. I look scared here…


One of the darling little buildings on Star Hill Ranch! So cute!!


The wedding setting. So lovely.



How cute is this set up for the place cards??


Our table. We got to take home some good ‘ole Texan rub as the party favor.


The back porch area with the twinkling lights and bundles of hay benches.



  1. Sounds (and looks like) a wonderful wedding! I love when couples add personal touches to their day rather than over-traditionalizing.

  2. Amanda said:

    You look so pretty!! What a fun trip! xo A

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