The Pure Package

Has anyone noticed the ever growing trend of meal delivery services here in the states? From Sunfare to Fresh Dining to RAWvolution, there is something for everyone. I tried a meal delivery service around a year and a half ago called Club Gourmet based in Los Angeles and it was the best thing that ever happened to me. Pricey, but worth every penny. I got a week’s worth of super fresh food made from farmers market ingredients all tailored to fit my dietary needs. Every morning felt like Christmas as I would swing open my front door and find a cooler neatly packed with three meals plus two snacks (one sweet, one savory), all perfectly portioned out for my 1400-calorie days. Needless to say, I lost 2 lbs after just 6 days and I was feel so happy with all the variety and choices I had. Sadly, Club Gourmet has since closed its doors but the memory will live on!

Many people will dismiss meal delivery services as unnecessary and a waste of money. After all, some plans will cost you up to $60 a day! And some minimum orders require AT LEAST a week’s worth of food. Add that all up and you’re spending over a thousand dollars in food and that’s just for ONE person! It would be easier if you just made food at home, purchased disposable containers, and pre-packed everything yourself. Unfortunately, the DIY method allows for little variety (one of the reasons why delivery services are so pricey is due to all the variety you get – a different meal, a different snack every day) Also, the DIY method will take time. Lots of time. And meal delivery services are oh-so convenient, just another reason why it’s pricey.

I found a great list of meal delivery services here, and I urge you to check it out if you’re interested in trying out a service. One service that truly caught my eye (and tastebuds) is The Pure Package. One catch: it’s based in London. So you’re probably wondering why I am writing about a service that you readers can’t even try since this is located overseas. One word: beautiful. You know the phrase, “You eat with your eyes first” or “Presentation is everything”….this certainly applies to The Pure Package because every little meal they create is absolutely stunning. Forget wanting to eat their food, I could spend all day just looking at it!

Most of the meal delivery services I have researched all have the same disposable trays and containers, filled with a certain amount of protein, a certain amount of carbs, so on and so forth. But none of them really look good. On the other hand, The Pure Package puts each meal together like an exquisite work of art, all composed of the freshest ingredients. I really feel that The Pure Package has such an amazing clientele not just because their food tastes great (according to the testimonials on the website) or because clients feel healthier and more energized, but because the presentation is a feast in itself. Man, if I lived in London, I would be on the phone with The Pure Package, ordering a week’s worth of food in no time!

Here is an example of one of their menus. For more of their menus, click here.

Breakfast: Tomato, Avocado & Cottage Cheese on Organic Rye Bread: Cottage cheese and avocado on rye bread served with roasted tomatoes. As our avocados are not chemically treated they may go slightly dark, as this is a natural reaction.

Morning Snack: Black Grapes & Cashew Nuts: By consuming the nuts at the same time as the fruit will help slow down the release of the fruit sugar and therefore give you more constant energy.

Lunch: Thai Tofu Noodle Salad: Shitake Mushrooms, coconut rice noodles, mange tout and seared tofu served with an Asian dressing.

Afternoon Snack: Fruit, Nut & Seed Bar: Our home-made bar is packed with dried fruit, nuts and seeds.

Dinner: Spiced Swordfish with Black Bean Salsa: Coriander and lime marinated swordfish served with mange tout and a black bean, tomato, chilli and onion salsa. Swordfish is a good source of essential fat.

I am so inspired to make my meals more palatable to the eye now. I usually just throw together a medley of items and eat it mindlessly out of the tupperware but after reading about The Pure Package, I’m going to try and assemble each meal or snack with the utmost care. It’s no wonder their celebrity clientele includes actor Hugh Jackman, the model Erin O’Connor and Patsy Kensit. Check out some of their meals below.





And if you are in London and reading this right now, here’s how to contact them:

The Pure Package
Arches 39-40
New Covent Garden Market
London SW8 5PP

0845 6 123 888
+44 207 720 3250


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