Experiment: Day 7

I was quite looking forward to what I had in store today. Here goes:

Lunch = Seeds of Change Turkish Seven Grain Pilaf


Cost = $5.49 at Whole Foods

Calories = 280

Verdict: This was surprisingly REALLY tasty. The creamy sauce mixed with the rice and the vegetables made for a very delicious lunch. Unfortunately, it wasn’t filling at all. I was hungry about an hour later, so I had to snack on something else, which really defeated the whole purpose of a “portion controlled” lunch. I would definitely get this again, but add a ton more cooked veggies to the mix to bulk it up.

Dinner = Amy’s Organic Roasted Vegetable Tamale meal



Cost = $4.99 at Whole Foods

Calories = 280

Verdict: Yummy, yummy, yummy! And very filling. I would absolutely purchase this again. The portion size was hearty yet the whole meal didn’t feel too much. A great portion of beans on the side, which oddly enough didn’t affect me as much as I thought they would. A great meal on the go or if you can’t cook. Highly recommended!

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